Do You Own Real Estate On Your Customer's Desk?

Many of your customers have a desk they sit at every day. Most customers spend more of their waking time there than anywhere else. Do you own any of their mind share while they are working? How do you cut through the advertising clutter to reach your customer? There is one simple way and they will actually thank you for it.

Useful promotional products such as attractive coffee mugs, cool water bottles that keep ice cold for hours, as well as the latest tech items can help you own real estate on your customer’s desk. Even staplers, pens, calendars and fun toys have a useful place in their office. Best of all - your customer will thank you for your gift. They will use them every day. And when they use them, your company is prominently displayed. They will remember you. Even more importantly, they will think fondly of you, especially if you chose a great item. Promotional products create good will. 

In research on the use of promotional products 88% can name the advertiser of items they own at work and at home, and 53% say they have a more favorable impression of the advertiser. Apparel has the highest ratings overall, especially outerwear and other apparel items. Over one third (36%) said they were more likely to do business with an advertiser they hadn’t previously done business with after receiving an item. Because bags and pens are used so often they have the highest number of impressions per dollar spent. But don't limit yourself to the mundane. With over a million promotional products available, it is easy to choose an item that carries your message well, extends your brand and ties to your business. And don't forget to consider your customers' life style.

Creating awareness, making your company memorable

Promotional products are an important element of any marketing and branding campaign. They create awareness, they have advertising staying power and they make your company memorable in a world where we are bombarded with over 5,000 advertising messages a day.

Tangible Advertising in A Digital World

Promotional products provide all day advertising that customers and potential customers won’t forget. Did you remember the billboards on the way to work today or the ads they heard on the radio? How about the print or television ads you saw? Customers will remember your kindness and the great and useful gift you gave them. That buys you real estate on their desk – or in their kitchen – or in their car. Let your brand be part of their life every day. No other advertising accomplishes this quite like promotional items.

“Tangible advertising they will thank you for!”