Create a culture where peers inspire peers, in which each employee acts like a leader, pushing the culture forward. People like us do things like this. People like us, care.”
— Seth Godin

It all started when...

Stowebridge was founded by Ron Thomas in 1994, in upstate New York. The company started with two file cabinets with a door across the top to create a desk, what was, back then, a state-of-the-art Apple computer, and a microfiche machine to look up product information. In 1998 Ron and his wife Kathy were lucky to escape the long winters and grey skies for beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Kathy officially joined Stowebridge in 2000.

It wasn't long before we realized that we wanted a different type of company for our customers. We created a company that went above and beyond for our clients by offering in-house production on many items, allowing us to control production time and quality, and create truly unique products where most others in our industry outsource. Our substantial investment in our own production facilities truly sets us apart from the rest. 

What We Do 

But that wasn't just add a wide array of equipment.

We wanted to go even beyond that - we want to make our clients memorable. We all remember how a brand makes us feel. We use promotional products to help your customers and employees create a connection with your brand that goes beyond any other promotion or advertising. Blending a creative art department with a sensational production department, we create unique products that make your customers feel appreciated; connecting to your brand in a far more powerful way than any other advertising.

We help you create memorable moments.

Do customers thank you for your advertising?

Let’s face it – Marketing has changed.  Since the invention of the newspaper followed by other mass market media – marketing has been about, as Seth Godin has observed, “spending money to interrupt people with advertising.”  In some cases, large massive amounts of money have been spent.  But we have become more and more adapted to blocking the noise – both visual and audible. 

Now with the availability of social media and big data, many marketers measure success in “Likes” and “Followers.”  Meanwhile customers are tracked, categorized, stalked and manipulated in an attempt to sell them something that they don’t necessarily want or even need. 

We specialize in engagement marketing.  We assist our clients in building lasting relationships with creative lifestyle products that customers will appreciate, use and remember. 

This is advertising that makes your customer smile.  Your logo, your message, your brand sit on their desk or in their car or home and continually, quietly but powerfully connects your customers to your brand.  The brand building value lasts far longer than any other method of marketing to bond your customer to your brand.  In addition, studies have shown that promotional products build good will and the likelihood to purchase…leading to increased sales. 

We work with clients to find that truly unique items that will help to build your brand through engagement marketing.  We partner with the best suppliers in the industry to create lasting, memorable brand building items.  Our artists help create designs that enhance your project and, in many cases, we are able to produce your items in our facility.  We want to help you connect.