Our Team

We believe strongly in a dynamic corporate culture. Our people are the very foundation of our success. We are one team working in synergy to deliver the wow for our customers. Our corporate culture is not just words on paper, but alive in how we work, treat each other, and care about our customers. We believe that corporate culture is the true differentiator between good companies and amazing companies that excel. If you are able to get the culture right, and nurture and maintain it, then everything else falls into place. We have a highly engaged staff that is creative, diligent, and loves to please our customers. Our vision to always deliver the wow along with our shared values and the desire to create innovative and inspired solutions sets us apart.

We consistently make the list of top places to work. Our commitment to attracting and retaining the very best people is reflected in our complete benefits package for our employees. But, it is the spirit and the attitude that truly sets our company apart. 


Award Winning Culture

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek

Corporate culture is an organization’s operating system, its values, its heart, its soul.  It is how the employees work together.  It guides how we treat customers as well as what our customers remember and say about us.  Culture is far more than ping pong, nap rooms, and free dress Fridays.  True corporate culture that excels comes from within. 

Culture is what separates the high performers from the low performers.  It is the personal fingerprint of your brand.

Every company has a corporate culture, but most are accidental, led by the strongest personality in the organization.  At Stowebridge we value our culture. It has been created intentionally to empower everyone on the team.  It is guided by our vision to Deliver the Wow to the customer.  It is evident in the sense of family and the dedicated teamwork found in everything we do. 

We hire people that are a great fit for our culture – that doesn’t mean we hire people who look like us – we have many cultures and backgrounds on our diverse team.  We actively seek out people who are dedicated and enthusiastic about pleasing customers as well as being a team player.

We are extremely proud of our award winning culture.